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HTML5 development is an ongoing effort of a consortium of many software developers and other interested industry groups to update and revise Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which is the core language at the heart of the World Wide Web. The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) started work on. The HTML5 specification standard is in various draft states at W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

 After Google, Apple and Firefox, Microsoft too had jumped the HTML5 bandwagon and taken its advantage first with Internet Explorer version 9 and then with Windows version 8.

This shifting focus of Microsoft towards JavaScript and HTML5 coding for Windows 8 is an indication that the company might have to divert its focus to the new and emerging technology of HTML5, away from its conventional programming tools of .Net, Microsoft Silverlight, Visual Basic, etc.

However, this change accommodated by Microsoft has created an upheaval amongst Windows developers as they might have to give up on their traditional programming apparatus and adapt to the tools that are more limited in nature.


HTML Integration

With the unveiling of Windows 8 Release Preview, developers have begun to experiment with every aspect of Windows by applying new technologies and tools so that some new inventions could be made in the form of an application.

No doubt, that Windows will continue to use its age old technological tools including, .Net, Sliver light, Windows Presentation Foundation, etc. that uses XAML, but at the same time it will also provide an option for the software and windows developers to develop some exclusive applications using HTML5, CSS style sheet and JavaScript, which have become an integral part of mobile web application development in this time of twenty first century. Thus, the integration of HTML5 and CSS style sheet paired with JavaScript will offer a huge scope for the web developers to further explore their skills and develop some exciting and outstanding applications and games for Windows 8 without the need to learn additional and new programming languages.

Understanding the potentiality of HyperText Markup Language version 5 as a real cross-platform solution, unlike Adobe, Microsoft has adapted to the technology, which as a result has begun to raise questions about the firm’s commitment towards its Silverlight tool. However, answering to the questions, the officials of Microsoft have revealed that Windows 8 will have both HTML5 and Microsoft Silverlight tools; while the latter would become the company’s cross-platform development tool for many years to come, HTML5 is yet to be accepted as a standard developing tool, as the technology is still in its modification process. However, the company’s inclination towards the tools in the current scenario shows that it is trying to enhance the appearance of their websites by making them look like applications with the help of HTML5.



The liberty to the developers to utilize their existing technical skills along with the new technology of HTML5 and JavaScript in the form of a new Windows 8 application, called Metro style applications. This highly flexible application, exclusively available on Windows store will have a brand new, captivating look and feel that will run across a variety of platforms including devices and browsers.

There is no doubt that the use of HTML5 in building these apps gives an altogether new experience of using Windows 8, but at the same time, the technology also empowers the developers to build touch centric applications while maintaining the flexibility of HTML5. The new technology would no doubt prove to be one of the favorite tools of the developers in the years to come as it helps in efficient and quick building of mobile applications. The implementation of this technology is also the key to have a wonderful touch experience, globalization support and strong localization support for Windows 8. Thus, the use of HTML5 controls in Windows 8 can provide an impeccable experience of developing Metro Style apps for the developers, which will be definitely liked by its consumers. Some of the features that are enabled by HTML5 in Metro style app include:

  • Touch centric design
  • Metro style look and feel of the application
  • Fast and Fluid design
  • Fundamental coding, etc.
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