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Content Management System

Content Management System makes very easy to manage your complete dynamic website.

CMS provide you the freedom to edit pages, Images, Menu Items and Updates on events etc. You can always change and modify the text and links of your website at your own, without any technical support from website designing companies. All you need to do is login to your admin panel, update the desired changes, preview your modifications and finally submit the changes; the changes will reflect on your website within seconds.

LiliumSoft LLC furnish CMS systems; gives free range and complete flexibility to do anything with website for small and large businesses.

Most CMS systems only allow you to change certain aspects of your web site, but with the LiliumSoft LLC   SEO-friendly service put our client in complete control over the function and form, to build their exact specifications and requirements - with future expansion and development in mind.

Client can Edit any page from the secure, built-in control panel without any html or web design knowledge. It is completely scalable to accommodate new web properties, future website enhancements and it is supported by an experienced staff of technical designers, developers, and strategic services professionals who have been designing and developing web sites since the early days of the internet.

CMS are required for handling any data, whether it is for a user login / admin area or eCommerce - a database and control panel must be designed and built to maintain and handle the necessary information.

Certain features of Content Management Systems are which LiliumSoft LLC provide are:

  • Content Management is the place where all of client web site files are located, and if client is making any modifications to their website it is going to be here.
  • We provide Page editor which is the configuration of the template and content blocks that makes editing at the page level so easy.

  •                 Add, Edit or Delete the pages in minutes.
                    Easy to upload Images.
                    Word style interface
                    Very user friendly and easy to use.
                    Modify Menus according to the needs.
                    Makes updation of website easier.

    SEO/SEM(Search engine optimization/ Search engine marketing) manager helps manage client placement in the search engines.

  • Administration gives administrators the ability to grant and restrict permissions to applications, directories and files.

  •                 We provide Secure Admin panel.
  • Database management.

  • We offers dynamically designed and user friendly Content Management System to all of our clients according to their requirements. if you have a very simple website in mind and would prefer to use a CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla then we are able to design and build your website using these content management systems too. If you are looking for professional web development service providers, you can find us as a host who understands all your requirements, we understands your business needs and are able to shape a design of the website you are running. So, with the help of our specialists get the best out of Web Development.

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